Fans are lashing back at Tyga for his highly anticipated video 1 of 1.

Could Amina & Tyga be doing more than shooting a music video?
Could Amina & Tyga be doing more than shooting a music video?

The 26-year-old rapper released a music video for his new single, 1 of 1, over the weekend. The plot centers around Tyga decided to stay in his dad’s home country of Jamaica because of a local girl – played by light-skinned model Amina Blue Fans are criticizing Tyga for not choosing a black model, particularly a local girl.  Many are also angered that, adding insult to injury, Amina wears Bantu knots, a hairstyle traditionally worn by black women.

But what particularly enraged fans is not just that Tyga flew all the way to Jamaica and didn’t cast a local — it’s that the whole premise of the video focuses on the fact that Tyga was convinced to stay on the island by a woman who lived there, played by Amina.

And, as many social media users have been quick to point out, it makes little sense to them why he would choose to cast a white woman in the role of a ‘local’.

Chime in, Big Online Radio wants to hear from our listeners regarding Tyga’s alleged charges of promoting cultural appropriation.  Leave comments below.



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