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About Us


Big Radio Online was founded by genuine lovers and supporters of the Dancehall scene in 2015, Launching in 2016 with the most notable DJs and personalities in South Florida, causing Big Radio Online to sky rocket in a short amount of time. The station took to expansion with the addition of its Hip Hop and talk shows, featuring poets, musicians, socially aware activists, and independent artists. Venturing off into the HipHop scene, collaborating with major HipHop DJs and personalities, Big Radio Online has become appealing to South Florida’s melting pot culture. The station also serves its communities, giving back to the youth with the annual Back2School Giveaway, and uniting families with the quarterly Big Radio Cook Outs. It is now the number one source of entertainment for Caribbean-American millennials, planning to continue to provide good vibes, unity, and upliftment with its programming, upcoming events, and award shows recognizing major players in entertainment and the community. Stay Tuned.

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